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15 Ways to improve metabolism

Water is very important for the metabolism of the body, because the body needs water to participate in metabolism. That means that if we have insufficient water in our body, metabolism slows down. So, we must cultivate the habit of drinking water, only in this way, our metabolism will accelerate, and fat can burn. Especially when we eat pickled food or cake food, we should drink more water.

Because of the cause of work, the modern people stay up late, and cause the metabolism of the body to slow down. There is a need to supplement the vitamin B family. Vitamin B family usually refers to vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and folic acid, nicotinic acid and so on. They are necessary factors to promote the metabolism of human body, and they are not easily soluble in water, so they are not easy to store in the body.

Carbohydrates are the most fattening substances, especially rice, white bread, potatoes and so on, which will accelerate your insulin secretion and cause your fat accumulation. Although carbohydrates are more important, we should also pay more attention to eating more grain. It is better to use grain instead.

8 major mistakes to lose weight by diet

Many people think that not eating carbohydrates is a good way to lose weight. In fact, one of the main reasons why people gain weight is that the total amount of calories exceeds the consumption. If the intake of carbohydrates is increased and the intake of fat is reduced, the total calorie intake will not exceed the standard. Of course, not eating carbohydrates can quickly lose weight, but the loss is water rather than fat. Lack of carbohydrates can easily lead to fatigue, constipation, irritability, and so on. When carbohydrates are too much in the diet, they are converted into fat and stored in the body, leading to a variety of diseases. Too rich in carbohydrates can increase blood sugar and insulin and cause obesity.

All the women who love beauty want to know what to eat to lose weight, so when they hear a certain food is a slimming food, they will be more vigilant about this kind of food and feel that eating too much is okay. In fact, too much diet food is too fat. Because slimming food can lose weight because its calories are lower than other foods, but if you eat a lot, the added calories will increase, which will lead to body fat.

Almost everyone is very clear, the heat control is the most basic way to lose weight, but not eat less can thin? If your daily intake of calories than the body heat, such as the daily intake of total calories less than 800 to 1000 calories, the body’s energy saving machine will be started, on the one hand only the absorption rate will increase, which will cause the energy consumption rate of The new supersedes the old. also decrease, then the weight not only did not fall down, will cause the body hormone imbalance.

Four tips on weight losing

When brushing your teeth, the tip of the foot is facing the front, and the leg is opened with the shoulder width for 20 times. The back of the back is straight and the center of gravity is at the bottom of the foot. The buttocks should be vertical to the body, not backward or forward. To exercise this way, all body will be thin. The effect of thin buttock is most obvious.

On the stairs, stomach pulling up the stairs with the tightening, high heels fast. This can improve the body’s metabolism, and can also eliminate the swelling of the legs.

If you want to lose weight in a short time, there will be obvious effects. First of all, it is to eat less. It may be very cruel, but it can regulate the intestines and stomach, discharge water and a lot of toxins, and then eat some vegetarian food, as long as it is mainly vegetables. Grasp all the time to exercise in life. Also stick to the bath so that the body will be hot so that it can better improve the metabolism. It is not easy to lose weight. The most difficult thing is to lose weight.

The simplest way to lose weight is not staying up late

Stay up late, want to rely on willpower to overcome the desire to gobble down is very difficult. It is easy to persuade yourself not to eat anything orally, but it is hard for the body to obey the order.

The body has evolved a mechanism of information transmission in order to prevent it from endlessly eating yourself to death. Adipocytes secrete something called leptin, telling the brain that the body is already full and stops eating. At the same time, it also promotes energy release and inhibits the accumulation of fat in the body.

When sleep is insufficient, the secretion of leptin decreases. The lack of a reminder of this material, the face of food, people are not so restrained, but choose to eat to eat. Fat is easy to accumulate in the body. Also, fat is easier to form because of the lack of leptin. In the course of contacts, the body fat imperceptibly.

In addition to hormone levels, the lack of sleep caused by staying up at night can make people tired and refuses to exercise. If you want to be thin, you have to take a leg, but you don’t have enough sleep and no energy at all. Physical energy consumption is also reduced naturally.

After staying up late, sleep is insufficient and the energy balance in the body is broken. On the one hand, eating increased and energy intake increased; on the other hand, exercise decreased and physical energy consumption decreased. “Cut” the situation lasts for a long term, people don’t just blame fat.

Exercise is the best way to lose weight

If there is a time shuttle in front of you, which dynasty do you want to travel best? The female friends who were plagued by obesity would never hesitate to choose the Tang Dynasty because the Tang Dynasty was beautiful with fat. “Born Under A Bad Sign” plump circles, girls had to lose weight when obesity circles with his career to pursue.

All kinds of weight loss methods, such as acupuncture, exercise, diet, and so on, are dazzling, but are these methods really effective and have no side effects? The answer is no, but the exercise can. It can consume excess heat and speed up the metabolism of the human body. Exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight, and you can get a more obvious weight loss by sticking to it. Here are some of the better aerobic exercises.

Jogging is the most common way to lose weight. Jogging is not limited by time and place. It is very practical. At the same time, running can affect the whole body’s muscle movement. But in order to achieve the purpose of burning fat, jogging is best to persist for more than 40 minutes. Choose jogging to lose weight, is the need to master some skills of jogging, running posture not very easy to bring damage to the knee, the best to buy a set of equipment running, and running before stretching and running after the drawing is also very important, if possible, choose a regular running jogging.

They are a relatively recent popular aerobic weight loss methods, although the exercise intensity is not, but the same can help the body to burn calories and burn fat, achieve the purpose of weight loss, brisk walking is to mobilize the lower limb muscle movement, if you are worried about the muscles after exercise can stretch, after stretching can make the leg muscles relax, your legs more beautiful. Every day to stick to the ten thousand steps, not only can be thin, the body’s various functions will also be improved to a certain extent.

Weight loss drugs can lead to serious diseases

The girl decided to call the police after recognizing the importance of the problem. After examination, it found that the weight loss drug contained two kinds of Western medicine ingredients, and those two components were not allowed by the state. One of these two components is cardiovascular health. One is the effect of kidney function. It is a strong diuretic. People always want to urinate after taking it. This thing after the police intervention, immediately check on the pharmaceutical factory, found that the pharmaceutical factory has been manufacturing various kinds of fake pills to reap huge profits, now the pharmaceutical factory to do people have been arrested, and seized a variety of drugs to 1 million grains.

Because the production of slimming drugs staggering profits, but also led to some reckless with greed disregard, rush into danger, wanted to make money, but their products are actually three products, if it is a serious person can see through their disguise, but there are always people fooled, so they have to the space, if everyone has a fake prevention consciousness, they don’t have a place to live in.

Everywhere we can see is that let you dazzling red pills, because they can make you thin and there is a strong temptation, this is because many people want to slim down, but if you rely on these weight-loss drug can really be riotous with colour thinner? Nothing but to lose weight the medicine through two ways, a relief, a row, relief is through diarrhea reduced fat absorption, two is to reduce the moisture of the body, through the urine to reduce fat, natural weight loss, less water, the weight will be reduced, because the human body is 68% water, and people who lose weight just about their weight is reduced, reducing that name is valid, but do not know, in the process of diarrhea and other nutritional absorption is also reduced, while the weight loss drug can cause adverse stimulation on the intestinal mucosal damage it, but do not know in time row How much minerals are lost in the urine, so the weight loss drug is very harmful.

Children should be kept away from medicines for grown-ups

Children are very curious when they are small, even if you tell him the medicine is bitter, but they still want to eat to try. At this time, parents will tell their children that when you want to eat a certain food, they must ask their parents whether they can eat or not, so they can’t eat anything in their mouths.

Many parents in the face of children crying without taking medicine will take a trick, in fact, this practice is very dangerous! Because the day after the child is likely to put pills as candy to eat, you should tell the kids that drugs do not eat, but it can make you feel better, you can go to play with friends.

More and more facts show that the leading cause of child eating drugs is the wrong place placed drugs, children can touch. Therefore, parents should put drugs in places where children can’t reach them, and try to put them in opaque storage boxes, so as to prevent all possible exposure to drugs. At the same time, don’t put the poisonous liquid stored in the beverage bottle, so as to avoid accidental.

You should be careful of toxic weight lose drugs

In the second half of 2014, Yao and Mou inadvertently realized that “lightning thin” products have good weight loss and began to sell the product. After Yao Moumou from another place to buy containing sibutramine song “three noes” weight loss products with their production of “lightning slimming pills” brand label, and then sold to subordinate agents. In July 2015, before the production of the weight-loss drug manufacturers for sales of sibutramine containing toxic substances such as slimming products seized. Yao Moumou sent for middlemen to 0.3 yuan / grain price order slimming capsules contain sibutramine song, and then transferred to high priced sales.

In the process of sales, some customers reflect the “lightning thin pill” after the emergence of dry mouth, panic, insomnia, even mental disorders. Faced with all kinds of doubts, Yao claimed that these reactions were normal. If they only drank more water or stopped for a period of time, the symptoms would disappear. The agents of the product believed her explanation under their incitement.

By chance, Ms. Shaw in a friend’s recommendation, interested in “lightning thin” diet pills, after check their official website and publicity, no longer believe slimming products once again she lit the fire of hope, she did not hesitate to buy a “lightning thin weight loss but after taking medicine, soon appear insomnia, palpitation and other symptoms, hospitalization after doctors diagnosed as mental disorder pills. At this time, Ms. Shaw finally realized that the weight loss product he had bought was a fake medicine.

A natural weight loss drug

Many obese people can not control their mouth, and can not walk their legs, can only use the weight loss drug to achieve rapid weight loss. In fact, in daily diet, there are many natural diet pills, which do not need to spend much money to stimulate the body weight loss drugs, but also healthy and efficient to throw away the fat.

The intake of heat is an important path for the growth of fat, so it is particularly important to control the intake of heat during the loss of weight. Just follow up to see what low calorie food can help to lose weight.

The cellulose that is rich in letinous edodes can promote the peristalsis of the intestines and intestines and prevent constipation. Letinous edodes also can often eat fat digestion. Basswood letinous edodes fragrance, either soup or cooking, are able to easily lose achievement diet selection.

The way to use apples instead of meals during the period of weight loss is known to many people. 1 to 2 apples a day, 15 minutes before meals, can reduce the intake of meals. Its rich dietary fiber and plenty of water can give the stomach a lot of satiety. As a natural weight loss drug apple, eating is also exquisite. As the saying goes, “the golden morning, afternoon evening Copper Silver Apple, apple, the night of rotten apples, in the stomach to allow, directly with the apples for breakfast can reach the effect of dietary fat reduction, the stomach is not good that steamed food.

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