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Children should be kept away from medicines for grown-ups

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 | maggiechen | meizitang botanical gel

Children are very curious when they are small, even if you tell him the medicine is bitter, but they still want to eat to try. At this time, parents will tell their children that when you want to eat a certain food, they must ask their parents whether they can eat or not, so they can’t eat anything in their mouths.

Many parents in the face of children crying without taking medicine will take a trick, in fact, this practice is very dangerous! Because the day after the child is likely to put pills as candy to eat, you should tell the kids that drugs do not eat, but it can make you feel better, you can go to play with friends.

More and more facts show that the leading cause of child eating drugs is the wrong place placed drugs, children can touch. Therefore, parents should put drugs in places where children can’t reach them, and try to put them in opaque storage boxes, so as to prevent all possible exposure to drugs. At the same time, don’t put the poisonous liquid stored in the beverage bottle, so as to avoid accidental.

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