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Four tips on weight losing

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 | maggiechen | meizitang soft gel

When brushing your teeth, the tip of the foot is facing the front, and the leg is opened with the shoulder width for 20 times. The back of the back is straight and the center of gravity is at the bottom of the foot. The buttocks should be vertical to the body, not backward or forward. To exercise this way, all body will be thin. The effect of thin buttock is most obvious.

On the stairs, stomach pulling up the stairs with the tightening, high heels fast. This can improve the body’s metabolism, and can also eliminate the swelling of the legs.

If you want to lose weight in a short time, there will be obvious effects. First of all, it is to eat less. It may be very cruel, but it can regulate the intestines and stomach, discharge water and a lot of toxins, and then eat some vegetarian food, as long as it is mainly vegetables. Grasp all the time to exercise in life. Also stick to the bath so that the body will be hot so that it can better improve the metabolism. It is not easy to lose weight. The most difficult thing is to lose weight.

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