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Weight loss drugs can lead to serious diseases

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 | maggiechen | meizitang botanical slimming

The girl decided to call the police after recognizing the importance of the problem. After examination, it found that the weight loss drug contained two kinds of Western medicine ingredients, and those two components were not allowed by the state. One of these two components is cardiovascular health. One is the effect of kidney function. It is a strong diuretic. People always want to urinate after taking it. This thing after the police intervention, immediately check on the pharmaceutical factory, found that the pharmaceutical factory has been manufacturing various kinds of fake pills to reap huge profits, now the pharmaceutical factory to do people have been arrested, and seized a variety of drugs to 1 million grains.

Because the production of slimming drugs staggering profits, but also led to some reckless with greed disregard, rush into danger, wanted to make money, but their products are actually three products, if it is a serious person can see through their disguise, but there are always people fooled, so they have to the space, if everyone has a fake prevention consciousness, they don’t have a place to live in.

Everywhere we can see is that let you dazzling red pills, because they can make you thin and there is a strong temptation, this is because many people want to slim down, but if you rely on these weight-loss drug can really be riotous with colour thinner? Nothing but to lose weight the medicine through two ways, a relief, a row, relief is through diarrhea reduced fat absorption, two is to reduce the moisture of the body, through the urine to reduce fat, natural weight loss, less water, the weight will be reduced, because the human body is 68% water, and people who lose weight just about their weight is reduced, reducing that name is valid, but do not know, in the process of diarrhea and other nutritional absorption is also reduced, while the weight loss drug can cause adverse stimulation on the intestinal mucosal damage it, but do not know in time row How much minerals are lost in the urine, so the weight loss drug is very harmful.

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