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You should be careful of toxic weight lose drugs

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 | maggiechen | meizitang

In the second half of 2014, Yao and Mou inadvertently realized that “lightning thin” products have good weight loss and began to sell the product. After Yao Moumou from another place to buy containing sibutramine song “three noes” weight loss products with their production of “lightning slimming pills” brand label, and then sold to subordinate agents. In July 2015, before the production of the weight-loss drug manufacturers for sales of sibutramine containing toxic substances such as slimming products seized. Yao Moumou sent for middlemen to 0.3 yuan / grain price order slimming capsules contain sibutramine song, and then transferred to high priced sales.

In the process of sales, some customers reflect the “lightning thin pill” after the emergence of dry mouth, panic, insomnia, even mental disorders. Faced with all kinds of doubts, Yao claimed that these reactions were normal. If they only drank more water or stopped for a period of time, the symptoms would disappear. The agents of the product believed her explanation under their incitement.

By chance, Ms. Shaw in a friend’s recommendation, interested in “lightning thin” diet pills, after check their official website and publicity, no longer believe slimming products once again she lit the fire of hope, she did not hesitate to buy a “lightning thin weight loss but after taking medicine, soon appear insomnia, palpitation and other symptoms, hospitalization after doctors diagnosed as mental disorder pills. At this time, Ms. Shaw finally realized that the weight loss product he had bought was a fake medicine.

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