How to Attain Extraordinary Female Orgasm

Here’s a question that has plagued medical science for ages:
If sexual pleasure for both males and females is the evolutionary guarantee that they’ll get together and procreate, then why isn’t female orgasm as much of a foregone conclusion as that of the male?

Recent studies indicate that female orgasm does, indeed, contribute to the likelihood of conception. Her orgasmic contractions help propel sperm toward her eggs. Some now feel that a biological basis for female pleasure means researchers  should spend more time and resources to understanding it better.

However, female orgasm has traditionally been considered to be “nice, but not necessary”. This may be largely true if we look upon sex for reproduction alone.

However, if we talk about couples experiencing profound sexual intimacy, mutual pleasure and happiness, then all that becomes irrelevant. The fact is that extraordinary sexual pleasure is possible for all women. It is also a fact that women who regularly experience orgasms in their sexual relationships are more likely to live happy, contented, well-adjusted and healthy lives than those who do not experience climax with their sexual partners.

The super-sexual woman

sexy coupleThere are, of course, many women who have no problems in reaching orgasm through sexual intercourse. Such women are sexually uninhibited, enjoy frequent sex with one or more partners,  Most of us know women who talk about reaching female orgasm every time they have sex, in every position, with any partner, and it’s always mind-blowing! Though we may be skeptical about such claims, the fact is that it’s true – there are women who have it, love it, and get it on a regular basis.

In some ideal world, where there is no hormonal imbalance, fatigue, emotional baggage, traumatic past or disconnected present, all women would be super-sexual. All women have the capability of extreme sexual pleasure and orgasm. Yet, in real life, very large numbers of women are unable to climax through intercourse and remain sexually unfulfilled.

Sexual fears and frustrations

The female sexual cycle is rooted in psychology more than the male. While men sometimes succumb to “performance anxiety” or other fears that derail their sexual abilities, most women have deep needs for closeness and security that either have to be met or overcome to some extent. They confront a host of emotional requirements or voids when engaging in sex. At the same time, their hormonal patterns change throughout their lifetimes.

Expectations and relationship factors

Most women need emotional connection along with sexual activity. However, there are many variations of that pattern. To oversimplify, we could say that there are two kinds of sexually fulfilled women:

  1. Those whose relationships match their needs for intimacy and security,
  2. Those who have more or less transcended the link between sex and emotion.

The former group gets emotional needs met (at least some of the time) by their partner, so that sex is a positive forum for self-expression and enjoyment.

The latter group may just love sex and enjoy it, without the need for an emotional relationship. But, even they find sex more satisfying with partners they actively like than with those they are indifferent to.

For either category, there are now huge opportunities for new, greater pleasures, satisfying sex and fulfilling orgasm.

Sexual problems within otherwise healthy relationships

When there are sexual problems within otherwise healthy relationships, often leading to the total absence of female orgasm, one or more of the following factors need to be considered:

  • Traumatic past A distressingly high percentage women have been sexually molested or abused. Many of them work back to healthy sexual attitudes either on their own or through counseling. But, for some, the pain lingers and shows up in unexpected ways.
    Best recommendation:
    Soft, easy, gentle approaches and total acceptance of unexpected sexual attitudes.Men in this relationship:
    Pile on the love, the care, the softness, and the concern about her needs. At the same time, be open to the possibility that she may want to explore the world of pain and pleasure, of forcible or violent sex. Through it all, enjoy, and follow up with loving reinforcement.Vigorelle CremeWomen in this situation:
    Have no fear of all the things that make you who you are. If you have shut-down moments, that is times when sexual response is interrupted by your hidden past, explore those things on your own. Take your time with yourself, experiment with masturbation, use a sexual stimulant, like Vigorelle, and openly embrace those things that make you feel good.
  • Hormonal problems
    Childbirth, aging and a number of other health issues can cause a disruption of hormones leading to inadequate sexual response. A doctor can help women address the underlying hormonal causes, and may even prescribe hormonal treatments.However, even for women in treatment for hormonal problems, there are a number of good, natural aids: Provestra, an all-natural supplement that works to bring women’s hormones back into balance and to boost the libido.
    Topical oils or creams like Vigorelle Cream, that contain transdermal ingredients in close contact with the genitals for immediate, sexual response boost.
    GenF20HGH, a great supplement that not only boosts libido, but also addresses all the systems of the body to bring a woman’s entire equilibrium back to a youthful, vibrant level.
  • Relationship issuesWhen love goes sour, the first casualty is sex. Why? Because women attach so much importance to love and romance, that when these things are compromised, her sexual responsiveness suffers.Experienced men know that they must keep their woman’s sexuality alive to keep her drawn to them — and in fact, keeping the sexual spark going may just be the thing that keeps couples connected through the tough times. If you’re in a relationship where there appears to be a threat to your sex life, do whatever you can to keep love alive.

Products that enhance sexual pleasure for all women

Here are a few good additions to your love toolbox:

Vigorelle crème – a slightly warming, stimulant cream that adds lubrication and heat to her clitoris and vagina and enhances sexual response and pleasure.

Provestra – As a daily rev-up to the woman’s libido, this all-natural, herbal-based supplement nourishes the entire female reproductive system and dramatically enhances libido.

Taking charge

Despite all the other things we can offer in terms of a woman’s sexuality, the best thing of all is for the woman to take charge of her own pleasure. By that we mean:

  • Any fantasy is OK, whether you involve your partner or not.
  • Any method of achieving female orgasm is OK (so long as no one else is hurt). This obviously includes masturbation.
  • Anything the woman wishes to bring to the bedroom to enhance her pleasure – sex toys, erotica, fantasies or whatever –  is fine.

Things known to help:

  • Communication:
    What feels good? Women should indicate – either with words, or by making moves and guiding their partners –  about which parts of her body she wants him to caress, which movements and pressures and techniques feel best.  Men can discover the things she likes by being bold and creative – and then carefully listening to and watching her response. Men should try things, be daring, be bold, be creative.
  • Openness: Women, be frank when things go wrong – and say so in a clear way without blaming. It’s helpful to just say, “this is what happened” when it comes to sex, and then explore it together, asking things like, “what’s up with that?” Or “could we try it again this other way?”

Finally, women and men both have to believe that their partner wants to please them. Give one another this benefit of the doubt. Introduce some new elements  like Vigorelle and Provestra. Both partners can then revel in the exhilarating experience of amazing sex, intense  female orgasm and mutual fulfillment in this most profound of human experiences.